Nurse Clinics

Duggans Outreach Clinic

The focus of Duggans Men’s Health Outreach Project was to increase access to health care for men and identify risk factors for the development of chronic disease and cancer. The lead nurse liaised with personnel from Duggans; a local industry that employs a large percentage of men. All male employees were invited to attend Cygnet Family Practice for an annual health check, and a list of those who accepted the invitation was sent to the practice. During the consultation, a Health Check Questionnaire was completed, findings were discussed, and any risk factors and/or abnormal findings identified were managed at a follow up appointment with the appropriate health practitioner.

Duggans Pty Ltd is committed to the health and well-being of its employees and as part of their induction process, new staff will be encouraged to undertake regular health checks. Each year, employees receive a birthday card in the mail which includes a health message and suggestion to undertake an annual health check, and staff are also given a paid day off for their birthday. To normalise health conversations, the topic of Health Checks is now a standard item within the organisation at their weekly ‘Toolbox’ meetings.


During this pilot project, Duggans Pty Ltd funded the time for employees to undertake the health assessment at Cygnet Family Practice as part of its Employee Well-being Program. To maximise uptake, appointments were scheduled within the employee’s usual working hours.

MBS item 82215 was billed by Cygnet Family Practice as a Nurse Practitioner completed the Health Check, which took at least 40 minutes.


  • 85% of employees, who agreed to have a health check, presented at their booked appointment.
  • 29% needed a referral to a GP for follow up
  • 8% were binge drinking without being aware – drinking habits discussed and modified