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Nurse clinics – A welcome change

With an ageing population, the burden of chronic illness and increasing complexities of care, the health care needs of Australians have changed.

Current care delivery models – from acute to primary health care – are struggling to meet the increasing demands, and health care providers are looking for new and innovative ways to deliver health care.

Nurse clinics are well placed to meet these demands, and are already in operation in many settings, from acute care to primary health care, both nationally and internationally. And while the format of these clinic models may vary, their positive benefits include improved patient health outcomes, better access to care, and decreased rates of hospital admission.

APNA acknowledges the impact that the COVID-19 pandemic has had on the nurse clinic project, and proudly acknowledges the adaptability of the Lead Nurses and their commitment to continuing to provide safe, quality nursing care to their patients during this time.

Chronic Heart Failure Nurse Clinic Project, WA

Chronic Heart Failure is a key priority for the Western Australian Primary Health Alliance (WAPHA). The Chronic Heart Failure Nurse Clinic Project focuses on collaborative, integrated action on chronic heart failure.

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Breathe Easy, Breathe Safe Project, QLD

The Breathe Easy, Breathe Safe Project is targeted towards a collaborative model of care between the acute and primary health care sectors aiming to improve asthma and COPD management within the Mackay region.

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Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Health Clinic, QLD

Christine Brown is a registered nurse in rural NSW. 18 months ago, her practice had 906 Indigenous patients registered with only 30% attending a regular health check. With high levels of chronic disease and a lower life expectancy than other groups in the area, Christine made a commitment to help.    

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Healthy Ageing in a Prison Service, VIC

Langi Kal Kal Medical is located in the Prison service in Trawalla, fifty kilometers outside of Ballarat. A Healthy Ageing Clinic for prisoners with chronic health conditions was established with the aim of improving the health of the prisoner population using preventative measures.

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The Wellness Clinic, NSW

The Wellness Family Medical Centre established a self-management wellness clinic for patients with identified chronic disease. The region where the practice is located includes a high Indigenous population with a significantly lower life expectancy compared to the rest of NSW. The clinic focused on improving patients’ health literacy and encouraging lifestyle changes to allow them to manage their own health more effectively. 

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Iron Infusion Clinic, VIC

Junction Place Medical Centre is based in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs. An iron infusion clinic was established with the goal of ensuring patients had better access to iron infusion treatment, in a timely manner, at a reasonable cost.  

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Men’s Health Clinic, TAS

Cygnet Family Practice is located in the picturesque Huon Valley in Tasmania, just under one hour’s drive south of Hobart. The Practice established two Men’s Health Outreach Nurse Clinic models at Duggans Earthworks, Concrete and Quarry Supplies and at Cygnet RSL. 

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Perinatal Clinic, NSW

In response to campaigns encouraging new parents to seek mental health support, Busby Medical saw an increase in presentations. Whilst it was encouraging to see struggling new parents seek support, the demand was becoming far greater than local services in Busby could supply. Busby Medical saw an opportunity to fill this gap with a nurse-delivered perinatal clinic.

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Listen to an interview with nurse Di Mears on our Nursing Australia podcast explaining the establishment of a cardiovascular nurse clinic at her practice. Recorded on 10 June 2021.

Mary and Clee

Listen to an interview with nurses, Mary Vu and Clee Beath. This podcast explores initiatives which provide better access to care and address an identified need to reduce waiting times for treatment. Recorded on 2 March 2022.